Openastro rebuild failed

I understand this is all new to you. If you want to learn, be humble and listen. You have not done so thus far.

Do you even hear yourself? What do you think that sounds like to others?

What is your native language? Perhaps there is a language barrier and English isn’t working out so well. We do have a Languages section if you’d rather speak in your native language.

I look for a solution, not a personal discussion !!

Well, until you can communicate properly, there will be no further discussion. Demanding answers or solutions and disrespecting those who are trying to help you will accomplish nothing.

This topic is now unlisted (aka hidden) and only the users who have subscribed to the topic can still see it and still will be notified of replies.

I am willing to help you if you want to learn. I will only say this one more time: Be humble and listen to advice.

I wonder about how those people setting up rules are the same ones who break it.
How a single person can cut me off the community.
This is like dictatorship and a good reason for me to stop donations !!

I copied that post and my complain will reach the top level of the Manjaro project!

Do with this post whatever you feel like.
Don’t respond to my posts anymore as this is a community forum and not your personal one!
There are more people and other communities out there willing to help!

Wish you a great night in your powerful position …