Open-vm-tools fails to load sometimes (one out of five boots)


Has anybody experienced open-vm-tools occasionally not loading when Manjaro boots? If so, what is the fix?


My Manjaro runs as a guest in VMware Workstation 17 Pro installed in a Windows 11 machine.

VMware tools (package name: open-vm-tools) permit, among other things, “autofit guest”: When you resize the VMware Workstation window, the guest machine (here Manjaro) automatically adjusts its desktop resolution to fit the window.

Occasionally (one out of maybe five boots), this “autofit guest” does not work (from which I conclude, or guess, that open-vm-tools has failed to load) and I simply reboot the thing.

Because the failure is random, I cannot think of any means to trouble-shoot.

It’d be great to be rid of this inconvenience if anybody knows of a fix. Thanks.

For what it’s worth, I found that sudo systemctl restart vmtoolsd gave me autofit.


Better than having to reboot if you already have things up.

Also it seems a VMwaretools failure may be common. See (though the subject there is clipboard sharing ceasing to work after a while):