Open Thunar not in new window

I m using my Whisker menu to open up folders and multiple servers with sftp in Thunar because the Bookmarks on the left side of Thunar are very small. So my problem is that when I open the thunar on whisker here is some example command that is saved / gets executet when clicking on the whisker App / Program: thunar sftp://cloudnet1/home/cloudnet/local/services/Menschen-1/ It open up a new Thunar window even when the exact same window is already opened up. So for example when I use the Application a lot because Im switching with them between multiple windows, then the folders I have a lot of Thunar windows open when I not closing them by my self. I know its better to use alt+tab to switch between the windows then using the whiskers menu but I lost my overview in this alt+tab menue.

AFAIK it is not possible to open a folder, from outside Thunar, to an existing Thunar window.