Open Laptop without having to login

I want that (like on a Mac) that the laptop immediately is workable with when I open it. Right now I always have to login and it's slow. So is there a solution?

You mean to start your session without being asked your password. "Open Laptop" in most cases refers to disassembly ...
Since your user description mentions Gnome, then open up Gnome Settings > Details > Users
With your user selected, turn on Automatic Login


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Or you could disable gdm, login at terminal then run startx.

That still requires login though

I mean like with a mac. If the laptop's closed -> standby, if open not. I want that without login.

I think you refer to lock-screen, so try with dconf Editor
org > gnome > desktop > screensaver > lock-enabled

and turn it off


It works!! Thank you very much!

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