Open file from another partition in qpdfview

Hello. I just installed Manjaro on a machine that already had Windows installed. I have some problem. First problem is in opening files from another partitions in applications like qpdfview or intellij. All of the partitions have ntfs format (except home directory) and they are mounted and I can read and write to them. But I can’t access to them from qpdfview or intellij. Mousepad has an “Other Locations” option for access these partitions, but I don’t know how to access to these partitions in qpdfview and intellij . only access to /dev/sda1 directory is available. I don’t installed dual boot and now I only have Manjaro on this machine.

Hi @wsesew :wink:

These apps uses the QT toolkit and therefore has a different way of handling the “file_chooser”.

Mousepad for example uses the GTK toolkit and XFCE works natively with this one.

However, as a workaround, i would look where the ntfs partitions are mounted by typing mount on the terminal and follow the path on when you choose a file there.

Easier would be adding these partitions to /etc/fstab and mount it under /media, which is the default path for permanent media and every file manager watch this path. Then create a symbolic link to your home folder if needed.

If you just need the GTK file_chooser, then just add this:


to /etc/environment. Instead “gtk3”, also “gnome” or “xfce” should work.

Then all QT Apps will use the GTK one.

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Applications are agnostic to which filesystem storing the files.

I understand your issue as a navigational issue - so my first question is - how do you mount the partitions?

Are you mounting them on the fly from a file manager or do you have setup permanent mount points?

If you are mounting on the fly using a file manager - mount will reside in /run/media/$USER/device-uuid-or-label and only be available to applications such as qpdf or intellij if you previously mounted the device using your file manager.

If you want to be able to access the partition without having to mount it beforehand then you will need to set up a permanent mount. This can be done using either fstab or systemd mount units.

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Thank you. QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gtk3 and xfce didn’t work. This is my first time working with Linux and I must have made a mistake somewhere. But I realized that through /run/media directory I can access to all ntfs partitions, Is this the right way to access these partitions?

Thank you very much for your complete explanation. Actually I didn’t do anything for mounting partitions, I only replace windows 10 by Manjaro. I added three ntfs partitions to fstab:

UUID=8a00c251-a323-4e1c-b688-ccc5ce9f1567 / ext4 defaults,noatime 0 1
ACAAA03FAAA007C2 / ntfs defaults,noatime 0 2
B004316B043135A6 / ntfs defaults,noatime 0 3
144C53A54C538082 / ntfs defaults,noatime 0 4

but nothing happened. I read your articles but I have to learn a little more Linux before reading them again because I did not understand some parts of the articles.

If you did this you have mounted everything on root - not a good idea.

Create 3 folders inside your home - you should of course name them something meaningful to you - perhaps reflecting what is stored in said partitions

Then modify your fstab to read

ACAAA03FAAA007C2 /home/your-username/part1 ntfs defaults,noatime 0 2
B004316B043135A6 /home/your-username/part2 ntfs defaults,noatime 0 2
144C53A54C538082 /home/your-username/part3 ntfs defaults,noatime 0 2

Test your fstab by running below in terminal

sudo mount -a
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