Open directory on file manager

Hello everyone,

Recently when I open a a folder using some app on my manjaro i3 desktop, my file directory is directly open in Palemoon, but I want it on my file manager such as pcmanfm.

Maybe these settings are stored on mimeapps.list but I don’t found, if anyone know the syntax, please tell me on a reply.

Thank you !

Open pcmanfm, rightclick on a folder, choose “open with” and choose pcmanfm. Now folders are opened with pcmanfm again.

Thank for your reply megavolt, It’s not exactly what I asked.

I found the solution, I must edit mimeapps.list on the directory ~/.config/mimeapps.list and add this line inode/directory=pcmanfm.desktop or your default file manager.

Thank you for your help, have a nice day :wink:

But it does exactly what you asked :man_shrugging: When you open a folder with Palemoon again, the edited value will reverted. xD

I understand, sorry I don’t know this change this setting, thank you for your help.

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