Onlyoffice integration with Nextcloud

There is an integration package on onlyoffice dot com that allows you to sync nextcloud and only office together. The only packeges offered are deb or for cent os. Does anyone know how to get the proper packege for manjaro. Maybe a flatpak or pacman? Im stumped

This will help:

You can install this package from AUR with pamac:

pamac build nextcloud-app-onlyoffice
Make sure you have enabled AUR

Open Pamac - the name in menu is Add/Remove Software and navigate to the Preferences page. You will be required to enter your password to access it.At Preferences page → select the Third Party tab → and move the slider to enable AUR support. Be sure you have the necessary files for building applications from source:

pamac install base-devel git

More info:

Arch User Repository - Manjaro

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thank you fine sir.

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