Onlyoffice data loss in spreadsheet

suffered data loss from my .ods spreadsheet
current: onlyoffice-desktopeditors 7.1.0-1
sudo downgrade onlyoffice-desktopeditors
add onlyoffice-desktopeditors to IgnorePkg? [y/N] y
onlyoffice-desktopeditors 7.0.2-1
tested downgraded version and it appears to be working fine
Returning to libreoffice to prevent further issues

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Hello @carverj,
I too have just started looking for a good office suite for Linux.
LibreOffice is certainly good and can do a lot. But I just realize that the odt of LO are not so easily compatible with MS-Office. The ones from OnlyOffice are. But I also notice that when I test a huge text file, OnlyOffice crashes, LO remains totally stable.
Why did you want to get away from LO?

And, I would be totally interested to know why Manjaro XFCE includes OnlyOffice by default and not LO.

Afaik, Onlyoffice converts all files that you open with it to .docx format first thing. It’ll save it for you in the original format if you want that, but what you’re actually dealing with, as long as it’s opened in OO, is always files in MS formats. Thus it would be no wonder it has better compatibility with MS Office.

Hello @bennypr0fane
Which office do you use? In Linux, this is really a question. I used to do everything with MS Office, but for the last 23 months I’ve been doing all my work with Manjaro. And my texts and tables I do with LibreOffice in odt format. But I am wondering because I now realize that not all computers with MS-Office open this odt without problems.
How do you do that?