Only samba version 1 in Manjaro Gnome

when i want to connect to my server via samba in Gnome Files, it only work when i enable smb version 1 on server site.
How can i use version 2 or better 3 with manjrao?

There is a utility smb4k in the repo.
Although it is not for Gnome files - have you tried that?
Can’t check it as I don’'t have any Samba Server with me (Or Windows system for that matter).

Manjaro can access any version of Samba.

If you are only able to connect using NT1 the server providing the service is very old - may running of your router?

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surely it is not the problem that manjaro cannot do samba version 2. only the direct call in gnome files (double click on the server) only makes samba version 1. as far as I have read through this is a known gnome problem. address line input smb://server works. maybe gnome 40 will work soon :blush:

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