Only Manjaro 5.9 available after unintentional update

Hi All,

While working earlier Today I absent mindedly tried to install a bit of software and accidentally did an upgrade through the package manager. The first time I realised it was it telling me I needed to do a restart.

I did and hoped all would be ok but sadly not. I get boot to black screen although I can get into TTY via Alt Ctrl F2

I was sticking to Kernel 5.8 as I run an older Nvidia card.

Now when I go to GRUB I only get the option for Manjaro 5.9 - it’s not giving me the option for 5.8 or 5.7 at all despite the fact I haven’t uninstalled anything.

I can’t get any further than TTY at the moment

running mhwd-kernel -li just shows:

How do I get back to a state where I can boot to desktop? I’ve just got the machine running in a stable state after I last tried to update it in October and ended up with things so messed up I needed to reinstall from scratch.

Many thanks in advance!

As a response to this I’ve managed to get 5.4 installed and working with some older Nvidia drivers but it’s only giving me the option to stay on 5.4 or go to 5.9/5.10 (which won’t work with my Nvidia drivers) what’s happened to the ones in between? I was happily running on 5.8 up to a couple of hours ago.

Thats because by default pamac will stop you from hurting yourself and update while you try to install package - because you shouldnt install packages without updating as that is a Partial Upgrade which is not supported.

That doesnt make much sense. Whatever you are trying to do 5.8 is EOL. nvidia modules wont be built for it, etc.

You need to handle your drivers/kernels so that you have them synced and working.
5.4 is the LTS until you get to 5.10 … (5.9 is EOL too. see so you probably want 5.4.

That should be pretty straight-forward … so without some error message I dont know what extra to add.
(I think similar queries have been posted in the Stable update thread too, etc)

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The following kernels are supported from 2020-12-30 on. EOL marked kernels will be removed time to time. Therefore we automatically upgrade systems to the latest kernel in that case.

linux44 4.4.248
linux49 4.9.248
linux414 4.14.212
linux419 4.19.163
linux54 5.4.85
linux59 5.9.16 [EOL]
linux510 5.10.2
linux54-rt 5.4.82_rt45
linux59-rt 5.9.1_rt19

We also dropped a lot of older Nvidia drivers. All can be found here:

can you boot and open TTY ( Ctrl+ Alt +Fn )
or use USB iso manjaro

sudo mhwd-kernel -li
sudo mhwd -li
sudo ls /etc/mkinitcpio.d/*.preset