Online accounts in KDE

Running KDE Plasma 5.19.5, KDE Frameworks 5.73.0, Qt 5.15.0, Kernel 5.8.5-2.

Is there any way to synchronize my Google contacts with KDE?

I went to System Settings -> Online Accounts -> Add New Account but it does nothing!

So, disclaimer first… I dont use KDE for contacts (I use Thunderbird) and I don’t use google for anything (I’ll put the privacy discussion aside for this response… :wink: )

KDE is a large set of tools from the desktop you see to a set of mail, calendar and contact tools (Kontact, etc).

So, by KDE I assume you mean kontact and if that’s true then this article will be good for you: https ://userbase.kde. org/Working_with_Google_Contacts (remove spaces)

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You need install Kontact.

TBH it’s like a pre-release in this respect - Kmail sucks - if you install it there’s no obvious way to add email accounts, a completely unfriendly user interface.

I use Mailspring for mail, and open the webmail if I need to retrieve contacts.