Online accounts in KDE

Running KDE Plasma 5.19.5, KDE Frameworks 5.73.0, Qt 5.15.0, Kernel 5.8.5-2.

Is there any way to synchronize my Google contacts with KDE?

I went to System Settings -> Online Accounts -> Add New Account but it does nothing!

So, disclaimer first… I dont use KDE for contacts (I use Thunderbird) and I don’t use google for anything (I’ll put the privacy discussion aside for this response… :wink: )

KDE is a large set of tools from the desktop you see to a set of mail, calendar and contact tools (Kontact, etc).

So, by KDE I assume you mean kontact and if that’s true then this article will be good for you: https ://userbase.kde. org/Working_with_Google_Contacts (remove spaces)

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You need install Kontact.

TBH it’s like a pre-release in this respect - Kmail sucks - if you install it there’s no obvious way to add email accounts, a completely unfriendly user interface.

I use Mailspring for mail, and open the webmail if I need to retrieve contacts.


Tried to sync my google account with kde. This is as far as I got.
Add New account → google → typed email → typed password → Waiting for 2 factor auth forever.
For kde users that rely on some google services, this is a little frustrating. Especially when this functionality works perfectly fine on kde neon. I read through some suggestions in this topic. And installing Kontact makes no difference. Perhaps it’s something just cause of 2 factor Auth but still.


I am also (again) struggeling with trying to use Google calendar and contacts with the KDE own programs. Kmail seems to work, but I am not able to add my google addresses, nor th calendar . After trying to configure and loging in to Google there, they simply do not show up as accounts in kaddressbook or KOrganizer.

No glue where to look and how to get this configured correctly.
So I guess I am back to Thunderbird, as much as I would have given the recent KDE apps again a try.

Any hint to get it working anyway really would be appreciated.
Cheers, Martin

google calendar integration broke very recently. a fix is on the way, I believe

It might be worth to wait if you like the Kontact suite in general