Online accounts (google) stopped working with the last update?

My installation is only about a week old - with the fresh install I had my google account set up and could see/modify files in dolphin no problem. Now they’re gone.

In the settings manager, the account is now only using the account for youtube.

I tried removing the account and adding it again, and even though I give it all permissions when logging into it, I still only get youtube, and still nothing in dolphin.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Just a thought: Could be Google has change their API and the developer of the integration has not caught up?

Good question - and one of the reasons I posted in here, hoping others were having the same problem?

PS - hej Aarhus, Horsens her :wink:

You need to get the kio-gdrive package from the official repo extras to enable gdrive on dolphin, atleast that was the case for me.

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