Online account in KDE

Hello there. I wish everyone a happy new year. I would like to ask how to synchronize my Google Drive with the KDE desktop. I guess it’s pretty straight forward in Gnome but in KDE things seem to be more complicated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @nikos,

I’d recommend rclone for online storage synchronization. I use it , although not for live, 2-way sync, and it works fine:

It’s in the community repository:

$ pamac search rclone
rclone                                                                                                                                                                                                [Installed] 1.61.0-1                        community
Sync files to and from Google Drive, S3, Swift, Cloudfiles, Dropbox and Google Cloud Storage

So can be installed with:

pamac install rclone

Hope this helps!


Although I prefer this way, I believe you can also add a Google account, and use Google drive, in KDE itself. But I have never done this, so do not know the features and/or limitations.

To add the account, go to System SettingsPersonalisationOnline Accounts and follow the instructions there. I believe it will create a special section for it in Dolphin, the file manager.

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