Ongoing Issues with Veracrypt under Manjaro KDE

I say this issue two consistently coming back to the KDE version.

  1. Major issue
    This issue have been brought up several times over the years eventually getting fixed but a few months down the track reapers after an update. KDE specific (no issue under gnome or xfce)
    When I start veracrypt (which i use on a daily basis) starts up as usually but when I mount the encrypted drive from that point whatever I open (eg dolphin ) or any app i start (eg firefox) all lacking to respond. freezes for a few seconds and then it opens or start. The moment I select unmount of encrypted drive in veracrypt everything works again perfectly. Again whoever figures out the problem and fixes it in the Manjaro team a few months later gets forgotten and comes back in an update. Finally I figured out if I open veracrypt>>> settings>preferences>>>System integration TAB>>>>> and select do not use kernel cryptographic services. The problem goes away for good. The reason I decided to report this again as I use 5 Linux system actively in the family and only Manjaro KDE have this error out of the box.
  2. Minor Issue (no dramas)
    This is the same as the above after being reported gets fixed and then unfixed a few updates later. Also non issue in any of my other distro. When I mount veracrypt or any virtual drivers (KDE) instead of adding a new entry of the mounted drive I have to go into the mount directory to find my virtually mounted drives. No big issue but this is lazy works how it should in other distros. Please look into them guys. Manjaro kde is my favorite distro and the only one i’m giving feedback to. We shoud be number 1. Have a nice day everyone.

Veracrypt package is inherited from Arch Linux. I do not think Manjaro has ever made an overlay package/patch for it, so it might be the case that got broken usptream and then fixed there too. If the issue was somehow related to gocryptfs or fuse2 packages, or other dependencies, then same situation with those, got fixed upstream.

device-mapper doing funky stuff ?

Well, I also run Garuda KDE Dr460nized which also based on Arch. No issue what so ever. My cousin in Europe running EndeavourOS KDE (Arch based) again not an issue. Both of the above OS is direct Arch packages yet same issue doesn’t pop up. This is definitely a Manjaro problem.