Onenote is the only thing keeping me from using manjaro full time

I find it really sad that there isn't anything like onenote on linux. The main features I need is the pen support as well as syncing with an android device. Nothing on linux provides those features. Running it in a virtual machine isn't the best solution. If only Microsoft ports it over, but they won't since there's no reason for them to.

Did you try p3x-onenote from AUR?

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beat me to it, same thing i believe. though not sure about the pen input functionality

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Indeed, same thing, but is good you posted the link to github too.
Personally, if is for Stylus way of taking notes, then xournal aka xournalpp can do it quite well. :slight_smile:


I know it is not what you look for (I am not aware of your usecase) you may try to use pdf files in cloud storage, e.g. Dropbox. Then use xournal on Linux and xodo pdf or Samsung's write on pdf (I believe also Adobe acrobat would do either) to take notes on it. (I mentioned those as I believe they only update changes on the stored files)

if you own one of the Samsung devices with Spen support Write on PDF is probably the best option (palm rejection, spen button etc) otherwise you may try Squid (here you need to buy pdf import function)

I got excited, then I read:

I think we already have this functionality as part of ms-office-online, but it's not quite the same as the "real thing".

It's like MS Access - there are simply no real alternatives for Linux.


Yeah, never been attracted by MS software, so my reading about was quite diminished :smile:

I would not want to be tied down to one OS by 1 general purpose app. So I simply do not use it.
I can understand a bit better that people want a specific video-editing program and therefore require MAC or something like that. But a general purpose program?
First requirement: has to run well browser-only.
Second requirement: has to be available on most common OSs.

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An electron wrapper to the online version just doesn't compare to the full onenote application.

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I might try experimenting with PDFs and xournalpp. I don't have a Samsung device though, is there a way to get the samsung Write on PDF app on other android devices? If squid had a one off payment I might use it, but I'm not a fan of the subscription.

Not sure about pen support, but Joplin is my go-to for notes across both pc and Android. Encrypted sync works beautifully.

I am not familiar with OneNote myself however it appears similar to Google Keep, which I have used occasionally. On my KDE desktop I use KJots, it suits my needs as a basic note jotting app, but of course may not suit the needs of someone else if extra functionalities are required.

I checked for Linux and OpenSource alternatives to OneNote:
and there were several suggestions, perhaps some may be of interest to yourself?

My own alternatives that I use sometimes are:

Hope those suggestions may be of help or interest.

But do you have an active stylus (if so which device do you have, I got curious :slight_smile: ). For non-active stylus, Xodo would do the job, you can add pages and there is plenty of annotation support as well as text input.

As for write on pdf, I believe you can install also on non-samsung devices it is in the Play Store.

As for squid, you can buy (with 1-time payment) the options you need, typically around 1-3 dollars.

The only Linux application which comes close to OneNote is BasKet Notepads, . This hasn't been updated in a long time and was quite buggy when I tried it last.

Something which is similar but isn't quite there yet is (which is also in the AUR).

Anything which is linear text-based isn't "equivalent" to OneNote - but unless you've tried it you won't know why.


I heard that Joplin note is a good alternative to OneNote. Haven't tried it myself though.

That was mentioned four posts up, is linear text-based, and isn't anything like OneNote. :wink:


I have an active stylus for my laptop not my phones. For write on pdf, it says it's incompatible with any of my devices on play store.

μPad definitely looks promising and it's under active development. I'll keep an eye on it.

Hi! Try Evernote, it's main concurrent of Onenote, has main functions you need. It's not free but certainly not expensive.

I've tried it, it's linear text-based and it's not what I'm looking for.