OneDrive-git tray icon py script



Hi! I wrote a simple script that puts OneDrive icon in a system tray (for onedrive-git or abraunegg/onedrive). It is nowhere near perfect, but it can tell if onedrive sync is active, can pause it and start/resume it.
Feel free to modify it any way you want :slight_smile:

python script

N.B: name of py file must not contain word “onedrive”.

OneDrive Client for Manjaro

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I recently moved from Cinnamon to Gnome DE (clean OS reinstall), and icon is not showing in a Taskbar extension (appindicator support extension is on also). Script runs with no errors. Does anybody know what could it be?


Okay, I figured this out. In this case I needed to install TopIcons Plus extension. It shows “legacy” icons. And appindicator seems to be this kind.

UPD: icon shows up without TopIcons if I execute script as /usr/bin/python path-to-script. If I execute script directly, icon will show only in TopIcons. Strange. There should be no difference.