OneDrive and Windows 10

Hello everyone,

I install new manjaro XFCE minimal, I have win10 install too. So on the hard drive C: win10 with OneDrive and all data is stored, on another partition Manjaro. It makes no sense to have the data twice. I want to access OneDrive (C:) from Manjaro. How can I do this?

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You can access the windows partition through the file manager. In Dolphin (in KDE) on my system it is just labelled as Basic data partition.

Yes I can, but only to the data from C:, how I can access OneDrive I do not know.

This is a possibility but I have never used it:

For the odd time I need access I usually just use the web browser.

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Thanks for the link. Which folder do I need to select that I have the same as win10?

I don’t know how it’s setup, I haven’t used it. You can probably find more information on the GitHub page:

thanks, I’ll try. :pray:

To can access windows c drive from Linux in dual boot systems you need to go to Windows and open the plan power
This video can be useful and more practical than write here.

Hope helps

thanks for your support, I’ll check the video

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