One step more then I will ask my friends to use Manjaro

As a normal user - Not aprogrammer - I found it is super easy to use Manjaro , as you can do most of what you need withoud using the terminal , so I started to think if I can tell my friends about it , I said let just use it as main pc for my work to see if it works well or no , I am a Math teacher and I spent most of my time on pc to prepare for my classes , I use Xounall++ , ksnip , and one of the best gnome extenstions to draw on desktop , which makes my life easier , as you know we teach online these days so my company use MS teams , so No problem we have it on linux , greet news , but here we have aproblem : students cannot hear the video sound , I said What …Why … and then discoverd the issue : Audio loop … Why is this , Why I have to find some terminal lines to do this, why we have this issue on linux , it should be work out of the box with any distro , or at least any extension to just one click to do the work , and thats leads me to not tell my friends about it , they are teachers they need to share videos using MS teams , maybe it is not an issue for most of the people but it is for me and most of the educators .

Microsoft teams is in the AUR.
Ubuntu 20.04 is easier to use than Manjaro, there is a ppa: for Teams.
Although I do not like this half-cooked things from Mikkisuff…

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Thank you for the reply .
But I dont think so , manjaro is way easeir than Ubuntu , what you said is what most of the linux users say, first time I used ubuntu was in 2005 . it is way better than before but still much harder then Manjaro.
This is the second time here in the community I see some one advices users to go and use another distro , in my opinion to find a solution for the people is much better than ask them to use another distro .

Manjaro is a strong distro , produce high quality product for both terminal users and GUI users .


Have you installed teams from AUR, snap or flatpak? Is the audio issue only present in teams or also on other apps? Have checked if pavucontrol shows anything of interest regarding this?

Are you talking about screensharing? then yeah,this happen on Discord too,screenshare doesnt support audio sharing,my workaround is to set a virtual mic with the audio of the video and my voice,then in teams i set the mic to that virtual mic ,that way the person on call can hear the audio and my voice,you need to setup this tho,you can follow this tutorial if you want

Another option is to use a service like twoseven where you can share a video and everyone is gonna be insync watching the same video,I use twoseven for that.


Thank you so much , and I hope this issue can be fixed on any distro without any need to find a solution .

It is general issue in linux distros , thats what I found when I searched for asolution , screen sharing does not share video sound with your voice comming from mic .

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