Onboard Network on my GA-Z170X Mainboard won't activate (really rare bug) sometimes

Everytime i boot into Manjaro a Popup Message comes up and told me that my Wired Ethernet Networkcard is activated… is this Message a normal behaviour for Manjaro KDE?

But since last Month i had 2 times after bootup Manjaro/KDE that my Network showed disabled and after a restart its working again and the default Desktop Message Popup and told me my Ethernet Card is activated… like nothing happend :blush:

Kernel: 5.9.16-1
KDE Plasma: 5.20.5
KDE Framework: 5.78.0

It’s a simple notification that you can disable. Right-click on the system tray and choose “Configure System Tray”. Then click on “Entries”. The one you want to disable in the list on the right is called “Networks”.

That can indeed happen on occasion. It’s rare, but it does occur.

It’s probably just a timing glitch ─ one process starting up before another process upon which the first process depends. Multitasking OS, cosmic radiation, static electricity, and all that jazz. :wink:

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Thanks for the reply.

I know that’s a notification, i just wanted to know if this activating behaviour normal in Linux for network cards. But to disable the notification message is anyways a nice little improvement… thanks for that info.

Is there a way to tweak that? I never had this in Windows 3.11 - Windows7.
Could maybe a higher Taskpriority for this Network Initialisation help? Or otherwise lower priority for other tasks help?

If i rembember right, i had this issue the first time after i changed my Soundcard and to setup my new Creative AE-5 card i had to create a small little .txt file with this parameter to autoload-script my settings into startup:

alsactl --file ~/.config/asound.state restore

Could this action related to my problem?

Today i had this problem again, (maybe its not so rare as i was thinking first) i was playing VR games in windows7 and after i want to boot into Manjaro my Network Card wouldn’t activate again :frowning:

After another restart it was working.

Do you guys need any logs when it happend again, to look into it?

Do you have Fast Boot disabled in both Windows and the UEFI firmware? If it is activated, then the computer won’t properly release or shut down its peripherals between successive boots.

I use MBR and Fast Boot is disabled in Bios.