On XFCE with onboard virtual kb at greeter login, enter button sticks after login


I am using XFCE on 20.2 with onboard kb and lightdm greeter config gui. Currently I have set it up to be able to use the virtual keyboard on the greeter screen for login. When I enter my password and press enter with mouse click, the enter button stays pressed (or sticks) resulting in a desktop that receives continues enter commands afterwards (desktop flips out). Pressing esc key makes it stop. I have tried keyboard setting in settingsmenu. Altering values of repetition speed and delay. That didn’t work. It seems like the greeter ‘‘logs in too fast’’, so there is not enough time between releasing the enter key (with mouse) and going to the desktop. When I use the login button underneath password there is no problem. Anybody experience the same issue?


An important information to all the above is to mention if you use the mouse to press on the virtual keyboard, or you have a touchscreen. That might help whoever will come by to give some advice.

I did. Thanks anyway.

I’ll be honest here. The first part of your description appears to describe the use of the physical keyboard that

while the virtual keyboard is shown on screen, and then you mention

but is quite unclear to me what that is suppose to mean. Isn’t that a mouse click like any other mouse clicks?

I see what you mean. I will add ‘‘pressing with mouse click’’.

Thank you

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