On the security notes

We just learned the present grub is vulnerable BootHole

And some are very fond of Tor for various reasons - it got it's own issues


But one has to have physical access to the machine....

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That is one of the reasons why I don't understand the big headlines.

The majority of vulnerabilities at a minimum requires physical access - nonetheless - the disclosure are usually headlined as major security breaches.

That is - mostly - only the case if you activities are prone to government agent scrutiny.

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You're taking about boothole? No physical access is needed.. only admin rights

Then you would have to trick the user into running a malicious script - that works - instead of a ransomware - you get a boothole - then it will only work after system restart.

Looks like patching BootHole may cause problems in itself, users of distros from the Debian and RedHat families being affected according to the news from ZDNet.

So, watch out for the incoming reports.

Which is already a big thing to have, right?

I mean, a malicious attacker who have admin rights on your system can pretty much already do whatever they want on the system.

Theoretically it is very bad. Ordinary user has more weaknesses in their system then this grub bug.
When you have admin rights you do not have to use this bug there are more ways. Basically losing admin rights is bad on any system is not it?

Few days ago there was something big on macOS, only to find out that one has too:

  1. download infected ie. pirated program (one found)
  2. when installing go to system preferences and allow to install this program by writing your password
  3. install the program by writing your password again

For me this is very funny because if one wants they can offer some free script or AUR package, it will take time for experienced guys to find out that it is bad script or program, security zero only trust in community.

oh. hm. I was under the impression that boothole affected secureboot ... but it looks like its grub itself and that secureboot just doesnt protect you.

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