On charging laptop, Xfce icon shows "AC off-line". How can I fix this?

FYI, I am relatively new to Linux in general (was experimenting on Debian 10 years ago but I gave up), and I have been settling with Manjaro Xfce for a few weeks now. I like it a lot and so far it is working very well for my needs. I am using it on a ASUS ZenBook in dualboot with Win10, but I am basically only using Manjaro

Essentially the battery icon on Xfce that I added in the taskbar always shows AC off-line, regardless on whether the laptop is charging or not, and it’s just bothering me. The laptop works fine, it charges fine, and I can see the percentage going slowly up while I charge it in Manjaro. However in my settings I setup to show a green bar next to the percentage when on battery, and a white bar next to the percentage when charging. In my case, only a green bar is there.

I was able to fix an unrelated but similar issue recently with the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar always showing “Bluetooth Enabled” even when it was disabled. And I fixed that by following advice on this forum where I had to simply edit a config file that controlled the tooltip for that icon.
Is this maybe a similar situation where I can just go and edit a config file manually to let the icon correctly display that I am currently charging?

If you need to know any specific details about my laptop feel free to ask, I am not sure how to display all of this on the terminal other than the basic stuff with neofetch.


A screenshot of the issue is at imgur dot com /ERS8Dnp

Hello, Chem

This is my first problem with this system when I started XFCE. And see how I solved it:

Open Tint2 Panel and coming on Battery.

In AC connect command use this script line: notify-send ac_connected

In AC disconnected command use this script line: notify-send ac_disconnected

Normally, that is fix


Thank you for the suggestion. I was not aware of Tint2, so I tried to install it and configure it, but it was quite hard even after following some tutorials. Some functions were giving me error messages, so I decided to keep my xfce4 panel manager and remove Tint2.

In any case, I was able to solve the issue by enabling the Power Manager systray icon set within my taskbar. This allowed for a new battery icon to show up, which then shows the correct “charging/discharging” messages when I right click on it, and at the same time allows me to control the display brightness. This battery icon also changes when the laptop is charging, and when the battery is full it changes color. So it works nicely.

As for the other battery indicator that I had, I ended up removing it by right clicking on my bottom panel, then panel preferences, Items, Battery, Remove (I had added it manually originally).

As a bonus, once I enabled this new Power Management battery icon, by going into its settings I was able to set the icon size of the whole panel automatically, which now matched the icon size of the volume mixer and the launchers that I keep on the left-hand side. So now all the icons are uniform. A lot of people have asked how to get the volume (pulseaudio) icon to be of the same size as the other taskbar icons, and it turns out that it is possible to make the other icons like the volume icon. So now it looks much better.
(I’m leaving this here for some poor souls that might need all of this info).

I’am happy to find a solution.

I think to writing a tutorial and publish it here for the others users.

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