On Boot, Manjaro News Always Shows An Old Update That Is Installed Already?


Running Manjaro KDE fully updated.

When I boot up the computer, Manjaro News always shows an old update that is installed already?
Any way to stop this from happening?

Let me know, thanks!



matray simply shows the notifications for announcements that are posted in the forum. It does not show nor know if your system is updated or not. In order to not show notifications you either open that link for related notification from matray and will mark it as read, or remove the branch you do not want to get notifications for.

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Thanks for the reply.

Every time I boot the computer “matray” shows the same old update that is installed already?
I do mark it as read, but it has not effect?

Anyone else have a solution?


A possible solution: uninstall matray.

I’ll try that a little later today, thanks

Maybe we can ping @moson - see if there is some sort of bug that manifests only in certain cases …

So it displays a notification for the same news article again? What if you manually quit and start matray again?

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I tried uninstalling “matray”, rebooting, reinstalling “matray”,
still shows old already installed update?

Any other ideas?

Here is a screenshot after the OS boots:


Ok, I fixed it finally:

I went into Manjaro News settings and increased the number of news items.
I then clicked “Mark all as read” and rebooted.
Now there is no old update popup.


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