On a Dual-Boot Device with Windows: How can I expand a Manjaro Partition if it's at the end of the partition table?

I have a set of partitions that looks like this:


The first purple partition is /boot/efi
The second purple partition is sda5 which is the Manjaro partition.
The third purple partition is sda3 which is the Windows partition.
The last purple partition after sda3 is ‘Windows RE Tools’.
The tan areas inbetween are free space.

I know how to shrink the Windows partition. But, once I create free space at the end of that partition, how can I expand the Manjaro partition without screwing up the booting process since it’s at the end of the overall partition table? If I try to move the partition to the left, Manjaro no longer boots properly.

Resizing a partition to the west is possible but it will most likely render your Manjaro unbootable.

If you proceed with this - please verify the UUID of your Manjaro partition before and after.

If the UUID changed then change your fstab accordingly. There may be other implication I have not thought of.

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Yes, that’s what’s happened to me when I tried to move it west: it became unbootable. Do you mind simplifying this before I go through the very time-consuming steps of doing this – how would I change the fstab, and what effect would that have?

Is there a way to create sort of an ‘iso’ of my manjaro partition, shrink the Windows partition, and then install that iso at the beginning of the expanded created to the right of the Windows partition?

Are there any recommended steps on how to backup/create an exact copy of all of the files in the Manjaro partition, wipe the Manjaro partition, resize the Windows partition, create a new Manjaro installation and partition, and then restore the files?