Old Threads/"Necro-Bumping" shall be encouraged unless thread is closed


I do Google my problem and it’s important that the thread which “googles out” gives good response. I think that if the thread is relevant, necro-bumping shall be encouraged rather than discourages. If the thread is not longer relevant, the moderator shall close it for further entries with the remark “this thread is probably no longer relevant as with the version of XX.XX of SOMETHING this and this changed”.

In my opinion that would improve this forum.


Usually relevant posts have a solution checkmark if related to issues. Indeed can be googled or forum search is even more efficient to find it. If that solution doesn’t work for others, they should open their own topic.


I sometimes get notifications that links in my old posts have been clicked 50 or 100 times. I would draw the conlusion that the settings are ok.


I don’t know why some threads can stay open for years and others close quickly. I assume it maybe has something to do with the category, but I’m really not sure. On technical threads things change very quickly and much of the info no longer applies. Changes to drivers and kernel versions happens very regularly. What was relevant a year ago may be totally obsolete today. That is why necrobumping is discouraged. If you have a new solution to add to a thread that never had a resolution that is probably one of the few good reasons to necrobump. In that case you will probably find no one being offended by resurrecting the dead. Otherwise it’s just best to let sleeping dogs lie.


You can always ask a mod to reopen an old thread if you have something substantial/important to add.
Given the fast changing nature of Manjaro, it’s certainly better to open a new thread.


Oh, the mixed-metaphor agony, i am in torment:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ya I posted that just cause I knew it would get your goat. Or was that let sleeping goats lie. I’m sure there should be a zombie reference in there as well but I’m dead tired so I cant come up with anything witty. :wink:


I didn’t notice threads which needs to be closed as they are obsolete.

The threads I did look at recently are relevant nowadays as well:

and even people complained for necrothreading for using existing relevant thread instead of creating a new one. I don’t find it user friendly at all.


It may not be user friendly, but this is not a strictly social networking site. If it was, it really wouldn’t matter. It is a technical support forum, therefore the official policy of the forum in its terms is don’t necro.


One should keep in mind that this forum allows users to choose different levels of tracking threads.

For example, I look at new threads and decide which ones of these I want to follow. After that I only look at what is happening in those threads that I am tracking, which means that any new posts in an older thread that I am not tracking will not be noticed by me (unless someone mentions my name).

This means that creating a new thread for your issue will allow it to be noticed by more people, and, if you link older relevant posts, their posters will even be notified.


Please, provide some evidence that Google doesn’t give results if a Discourse based forum topic is cloesed.


As my newly reborn older self, I relish the inadvertent–and sometimes extremely pointed–mixed-metaphors that nowadays spill out of my head and onto the page. And I enjoy seeing it in others, as well. I’d bet you excel at it. Go on, admit it! :smiley:


There are times when people discover a solution after months (it happened to me once or twice), and there are times when newbs whine about their same problem.

I’m not sure why one cannot just asses whether it’s more the former, or latter case.