Old manjaro login screen still loading on reboot



I’ve changed my default wallpaper but on login once logging in it shows the old one until the desktop loads and returns to the one i’ve set. Heres some pics.

How would i change that second image to my desktop image?


if deepin uses a splash screen then maybe that has a separate setting.

  1. RMB on desktop
  2. Wallpaper and Screensaver
  3. Find your wallpaper
  4. Press on wallpaper once without choosing Only desktop / Only lockscreen (means use for both)


Narrowed it down to custom wallpapers the default wallpapers don’t have the issue but downloaded ones do, gonna try to place them inside the default wallpaper folder once i find it and retry
Edit: Yep that was the issue the default wallapaper no longer appears


Is it possible you were storing the wallpapers somewhere that is only mounted after you login?


Yeah correct, but i mean that if you want to change custom do it like i mentioned…
It will appear in there, once you’ve used custom wallpaper.

When you press ‘Use this as wallpaper’, it only uses it as wallpaper))
So to enforce it on lockscreen you should go in ‘Wallpaper and Screensaver’ and find there your custom wallpaper


Solution such a simple

You can find all system walpapers in /usr/share/wallpapers/deepin

just replace file default-background.jpg with yours.


That was what i was doing even before you posted it, my background was set as wallpaper and as the lockscreen but on login it would default to the ocean one until it loaded everything.


they were just in /home/Pictures so idk but since they showed up on lockscreen i would think so