Old Linux DES encrypt/decrypt

Many moons ago on another Linux distro, I used “standard” encrypt command to protect some files. Now, I’d like to open those files, but encrypt/decrypt are deprecated now. Anyone know how to decrypt thse files now? Or how to install deprecated commands on Manjaro?


In AUR you still have decrypt-git.

Could be installed by

sudo pacman -S --needed base-devel
pamac build decrypt-git

That doesn’t seem to work. Builds fine and shows me all my drive information, but does nothing with files.

I see, package name promised more than it is, wiki entry:

Sorry! :joy:

What distro allowed you to use “decrypt” as a command?

I found ccrypt which uses 256-AES for encryption and zulucrypt.

It was an older Ubuntu. But, it was a package that I installed, if I remember correctly. A package on Ubuntu to be specific.