Old files appeared in trash bin on new installation. Any idea what must have happened and should I format my disk again?

So I reinstalled Manjaro KDE Plasma after inserting a thumb drive with windows on it to format the drive at the first stage of the windows installation. After I formatted my drives completely and left it with no system image on it, I then reinstalled Manjaro.

After that I remember plugging in a thumb drive to transfer my files back over to the new installation on Manjaro. As I looked in my trash bin the old files that I removed from the documents folder before I wiped Manjaro were on the new installation after it was fully installed on my laptop.

I tried to delete the files but I couldn’t. So I removed the thumb drive and rebooted my laptop and plugged back in the thumb drive to transfer my files over and the files in the trash bin were no longer there.

I have no idea how this happened on a fully formatted disk. Never had this to happen before.

user trash files are stored in ~/.local/share/Trash/ under two folders:
files - where the deleted files and folders are stored
info - where there is a txt file for each deletion, with the name of the deleted file/folder and containing the original path and date of deletion.
there will be also a directorysize file … with some info too.

Those are removed when you empty the trash.

You must have copied those too from your thumbdrive.

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I found out what happened. I moved some files from my thumb drive to the trash and didn’t empty the trash. Tested it out on Parrot OS Home also, same files reappear in trash also.

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