Okular Notation in Arabic language is apearing ltr instead of rtl

Hi All

I use Okular app as PDF document reader, some times I need to add notations , I usually do that in English , but yesterday I needed to make an Arabic notation to PDF, ) fount it appears in reverse characters order like (تجربه) it appears (هبرجت) and even the letters are not connected it is more like
(ه ب ر ج ت )
can anyone tells me how to solve this please

و عليكم الهاي :grin:
I also face the same issue with Okular, however, with Foxit reader, you can write in Arabic (بطريقة سليمة).
More on Foxit reader (which is مجاني)
To install, you must download it from the AUR:

yay -S foxitreader

# Or...

pamac build foxitreader

I hope إستمتعت ب my bilingual بوست and you وجدت it useful :grin:
PS: Foxit reader is a bit أبطأ than Okular though, you may want to keep that in الحسبان

thank you for response I will try that but still waiting for solution

I don’t think it’s possible, I read through the manual and went through the settings but didn’t find anywhere that shows the option of using RTL in Okular annotations. Okular’s annotations are quite limited anyway…

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