Okular always opens up empty on reboot although it should open with PDFs from previous session

title pretty much says it all. I already googled it, and Okular seems to have this capability theoretically but it doesn’t work for me. Did someone else encounter that issue? thanks

Yes, I have the same behaviour from Okular - it doesn’t re-open previously open documents. I don’t see any option for it in the settings, and there’s no mention of it in the manual.

There’s discussion around the web about it being an upcoming feature, but nothing official as far as I can tell. There’s a least a few bug reports to KDE about it too.

I must be going mad though, because I’m sure documents (PDF, epub, mobi) would all re-open and to their previous position in Okular earlier this year, or late last year at the most. I could have sworn it was doing this, because I use a lot of documents for reference material, often having multiple documents open at once, and I was enjoying that fact that I didn’t have to re-open them all and find my place again each time I used my PC.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. All I can suggest is that you find one of the open bug reports / feature requests for this matter and post to it to help get it some attention.


Thanks for your reply, happy to know I am not the only one suffering this :sweat_smile:

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