OK hand emoticon now listed as a hate symbol

So the previously harmless ok hand emoticon is officially recognised as a white supremacist symbol now or something to be used offensively by trolls sarcastically telling people they are wrong.

I stopped using it already after someone pointed out on this forum it could be misconstrued as the hate symbol. I think it is totally ludicrous of course but maybe it's time to remove it from the emoticon list :man_facepalming:


I always think of someone "touching themselves in a rhythmic manner"

Sums up supremacists to me :rofl:


To quote from that BBC article:

It started out as an online joke on 4Chan - taking an innocent gesture and pretending there was a hidden meaning behind it, hoping to trick the media and left-leaning people into outrage.


Yeah, not quite yet. It's just that the far-right is twisting a commonly used symbol. Again.

The Anti-Defamation League is very keen to stress that more often that not, the symbol means everything is OK.
"The overwhelming usage of the hand gesture today is still its traditional purpose.
"As a result, someone who uses the symbol cannot be assumed to be using the symbol in either a trolling or white supremacist context."

Keep using it, so they don't have it.


They are not going to run my life.
:ok_hand: :ok:


So if someone posts something about nvidia tearing and we come to a solution, I can't use the OK symbol anymore? Because people will think I am promoting white supremacy in secret while troubleshooting nvidia tearing issues on the internet?

[Fun fact: this hand gesture (the reverse form exactly) is a symbol for money or wealth in Korea.]


Internationally recognised symbol used by scuba divers for 'are you ok?'
to avoid confusion with :+1: for ascend

also Buddhist symbol for discussion and teaching

so agree it is totally ludicrous

EDIT - almost forgot about Patrick McGoohan: "Be Seeing you"


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