Ok got a strange one -FISH Help and fish_config commands

I just came across something odd maybe someone could help explain why it happened. I have solved it and am posting the solution at the bottom of my post for anyone else who may get a similar problem.

I am using Manjaro with the Cinnamon desktop, with gnome terminal and terminator terminal emulators.
After reading a few threads and watching a few videos regarding different shells that make the Terminal easier and better I decided to install FISH from the official manjaro repository using pamac. I ran it, it ran well and I liked it. I made it my default with chsh and everything seemed fine.

I logged out and then back it.
I started gnome terminal and I noticed when it started in gnome-terminal that it said - type ‘help’ for instructions on how to use FISH. I was curious what information would be there so I typed help

Here is the oddity, belana etcher started up.
Closed it and reopened it and once again typed help and it once again brought up etcher. I brought up Terminator and did the same thing, with the same result, belana etcher started up. After web searches and reading the fish-shell web page I saw another command fish_config, which also brought up belana-etcher. Some more reading and I realize that fish_config and help are both supposed to be brought up in web browsers. Somehow Fish was thinking that belana etcher was A) A web browser and B) my default one. I found a conversation on github that gave me a command to set the browser.

So if this happens to anyone else enter this:

set -gx BROWSER enterbrowsernamehere

I prefer Brave browser so that is what I entered for the browser name.
This fixed it as that set the default browser to an actual browser and now help and fish_config work and come up in my Brave browser.

-Edit-: After trying it again it was broken, so I had to use the same command to set my browser.
I then edited the file /etc/fish/config.fish using Sudo nano
and adding the line

set -gx BROWSER /bin/nameofbrowser

Now it seems to work when I close the terminal, open it again and run the commands that bring up a web browser.

I don’t know why it thought belana-etcher(which is a sd card/usb flasher) was my web browser. Anyone else know why?

Other than this, Fish appears to be working. I like the autocomplete and the search of available commands that you can select from a list.