Official support for Wayland

What is the official settings of wayland? KDE as an example, apart from installing plasma-wayland-session, are there some else settings? Will Manjaro use wayland as default in the future?

It’s really up to the DE to support it. Not really sure about KDE, but GNOME will default to Wayland on Intel and AMD.

See Wayland - ArchWiki

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I’m pretty sure KDE Plasma uses X11 by default regardless of display driver because their Wayland implementation is still a work in progress. So if one wants to try out Plasma on Wayland, they would have to install extra packages and probably do some extra configuring before using it.

The Plasma KDE Session has improved massively in the last couple of versions. I’ve been using it as my daily driver for the last 6 months or so now.

There are still a few issues here and there, which would hinder it from being default.