Office 365 using Wine 4.1

I am stuck at getting Office 365 to run through Wine.

I have followed this guide at WineHQ:

And also took a look at this topic:

The OP seems to have it working, but I can’t ask him how he got it working because I can’t PM him for some reason.

The installation works fine, but when launching any of the applications, it freezes and gives a wine crash message.

In the terminal logs, it mentioned the 2 missing DLL’s, despite having added them… But they needed the DLL’s in another directory than drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Office/root/Office16/
It referred to drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Office/root/Client/ instead.

Having added those dll’s there, it still crashes but now gives a secondary Windows error message and query to send or don’t send. (which I guess is one step forwards, but still no working office)

I’m relatelively new to linux and I’m unfortunately obligated to use MS Office over Libreoffice at my university.

just use wps office if you want compatibility
or give them pdfs
i just give pdfs created using libreoffice.

Isn’t the idea behind Office 365, that you can use it online thought the browser? Else I don’t see the draw of a subscription thing, if you need to install it on your system.

Giving pdf’s is not an option because in my workplace we require document sharing and tracking changes for corrections etc.

Also, regarding WPS; snapped from the license agreement:


(3)If this Software is a WPS Office version for Linux OS, the following apply:

  • 1) You are only entitled to install and use this Software on computers meeting the following operating environment requirements as agreed herein:
    OS: Linux OS produced by China brand enterprises, such as Ubuntu or Ubentu Kylin, Deepin, NeoKylin, NFS China, and New Start
    CPU: X86 or CPU produced by China enterprises such as Loongson, Phytium, SW, Zhaoxin, and MPRC


There is an online version of 365, but it is very limited (no reference management, no table of contents) and ironically in some cases the compatibility is actually trashier than libre. (regarding front pages for example)

The point is that some people managed to get it working on Linux, without a VM. This should be a hot topic in my opinion but it seems to remain in the dark.

there is a possible solution
get them to install libreoffice.
its free.

Don’t add barriers for yourself.

Use what they specify, so if that’s dual-boot or Windows in a VM then that’s what you have to do.

Otherwise, feed back through course reps that you don’t want to be forced to use closed-source proprietary software.


More thoughts. There should be no reason you can’t submit in PDF format. If it’s a University they should already be using LaTeX in some form so PDF should be acceptable.

I highly recommend you look at LyX as a way of producing reports without worrying about page layout, ToC, bibliographies, etc. etc. etc.

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I’m a defender of LateX and free software however I work at an University and unfortunately I know what it means when a University/Faculty/Department/Teacher are Microsoft oriented.

We have most Microsoft products for free (Students are even entitled to 5 Office licenses for as long as they are studying at the Faculty) so I really understand the pressure. I also understand that some subjects are specifically oriented towards microsoft products and it’s impossible to prepare for an Word Processing exam if you don’t practice on Word if that is what will be used during the exam.

Anyway, personally I have no interest in running Office on my Linux system but this thread got me curious so I tried to install Office 365 in the name of science.

It actually works :joy:

be ready to waste around 4-5 GB on the hard drive though


  1. I ran winboot -inot including the <span></span> stuff because it would error out
  2. The download of the office365 pre activated executable is critical. Just because you’re seeing “32bit” selected, doesn’t mean it will download 32 bits… you need to click the advanced tab at the office download page and specifically select 32 bits (I used en_US language to install)
  3. Don’t rename the executable
  4. run it with full path i.e. wine ~/Downloads/SetupX86…exe
  5. The installer will open but you won’t see anything (only in terminal hundreds of warnings). Just wait until it closes (after downloading 3.1GB of data)
  6. After copying those two DLL, you need to apply the first fix (Direct2D) or word won’t start. use wine regedit to do that. Create the key and the dword inside.

Good Luck @Dysprosium0219

Proof of concept:


Which wine version are you using?

Because I do the Direct2D fix and it still freezes and crashes upon startup.

This is how the regedit key looks like. Am I doing something wrong perhaps?

Also, the one you installed is a univ license? Because normally upon first launch there should be a prompt asking for activation or something similar, since I cannot even launch the program it never reached that part (and so in my 5 registrations list it doesn’t show up)

4.2 the latest available in repos

No, it looks correct

Yes I used the univ license. The activation only occurs later on (took 2 or 3 word startups). It’s doesn’t stop you from using the package.

Did you install all wine dependencies as suggested on WinHQ?

Microsoft is mostly to blame for this. It comes down to very poor marketing and naming of products.

Originally and for many years, Office 365 was a marketing term used to represent the services (onedrive, office online, outlook webmail, etc.) and desktop software (Office 20xx) packaged together. Just recently they changed this so that now Office 365 personal and business subscriptions install a more frequently updated and feature rich version of the current stand alone version of office rebranded as Word/Excel/PPT, etc 365 instead of the year versioning.

The point of this was to give MS a steady cash stream instead of a burst of cash every few years from a new office release. The benefit for users is you still get the full benefit of the desktop software which is automatically kept up-to-date (no more upgrading from 20xx to 20xx versions manually) and access to cloud storage and services (onedrive, office web apps, email, etc.) without a big upfront cost.

For all of those suggesting use x, y or z…the sad truth is there is nothing thats 100% compatible (or even close) with feature parity to MS Office. Sure if your writing a 1 page letter or doing a simple 1 sheet table then use whatever. In the business/real world you need to work with others, both inside and outside of the company. The defacto tool for things like large/complex documents, spreadsheets and presentations is MS Office. I can name 3-5 tasks I did in office this week alone at work that I could only have done well and that others could use in MS Office.

As for the OP, are you sure you are trying to install the proper version of Office 365? The link you provided is for the ProPlus 2016 version. If you have an Office 365 personal account you likely downloaded the Office 365 personal version which is based on 2019 but branded as Office 365. They have another link for that which seems to apply to the 32bit version only. Also the link you posted is only for the 32 bit version of 2016 it seems, so make sure you didnt grab the 64 bit installer.

Personally, I just use KVM and a Windows 10 VM with Office 365 installed in the now rare case I need it. I dont even keep the VM on my machine, but on an external USB3 SSD and only hook it up when needed. It runs 100% proper this way, I am not concerned with updates breaking it and its pretty easy to setup and manage. I may eventually look into doing it with wine, when/if it runs without issue. Problem is when I need it, its for things like pivot tables, PowerQuery, Data models and VBA among other things that I just dont trust to work or be all that stable in Wine.

Ah okay. This makes sense. I just didn’t hear of the change in naming/tactic from MS. :slight_smile:

The university licensed version of office 365 is in fact Proplus 2016 (at least at mine university). I believe it has more features than the personal edition (to hook future workers on their products). However, it was precisely that version (Proplus) that I managed to install and run successfully. I tried some basic stuff and opened a few complex documents which worked ok.

Personally, I’m sure TeX will blow MsWord out of the water anytime. I’ve seen too many tears with people writing their thesis on that crap just to loose weeks formating the whole thing to have it bitterly fail near the end. Tex has a steep learning curve but once you master the essential for your work (regardless of the type), it has no comparison quality wise and things just work regardless if your essay has 1 page or 20.000

Regarding presentations, I’ve been using beamer with great success. It looks professional and when well done will captivate your audience to the subjects you want to transmit. Is it as flashy as PowerPoint? Not really. Then again, as one of my professors used to say:

“Son, if you have something good to present, be simple, concise and use clear tables and graphs. If what you’re presenting is crap or bad news, use all the bling and 3D show off you can. It won’t save you but your fall will be smoother”

The only thing that might not have a true rival is MsExcel. I’m not 100% sure about it because I use it with basic tasks and all advanced stuff I did was on VBscript in an windows environment. I never needed to do that stuff on a Linux system but I imagine it would be very hard.

Regarding MsAccess… Let’s not laugh here. It’s not polite :grin:

PS: MsVisio also doesn’t appear to have a real rival. One of its strength is that most hardware vendors publish stencils for it. I was able to truly replicate one of my Server Racks to the ultimate detail regarding layout, server models, UPS, Switches with assignments on every port. You look at my Server Rack and you look at the Visio layout and they are a precise match. You know every cable, every network bond, every vlan. No other software that I have tried even comes close.

So to recap: we don’t know if office 365 works under wine?

recap: It works on some systems. I had it working for almost 12h before my OCD couldn’t bear with it anymore and I rolled back with timeshift :slight_smile:

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