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I just heard of Star Labs who provide a few linux installs on their laptops and I asked them if they would consider offering Manjaro (KDE particularly) and below is their response. What options are available to me to enable them to install an "OEM" version of Manjaro KDE?...

On 14/10/19 7:47 pm, Star Labs Support wrote:

Currently, we only offer the Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Zorin
pre-installed. We do have recovery drives available on our site and
instructions on how to install a different distribution available on
our support site.

Okay but that's disappointing. I myself can easily reinstall Manjaro
KDE on your laptop but I am looking for a device that my clients can
buy direct from someone with Manjaro KDE preinstalled so I don't have
to deal with double handling and re-shipping the device.

Thanks for confirming. I'll keep looking.

Ah okay. Your best bet would be to reach out to Manjaro directly. As far as
I know, they offer no OEM terms or installer which is why we can't offer it.

We have oem installer ISOs for our partners. You may check our shop area at Manjaro.org. Currently we have three partners we will extend.

So what is the correct procedure and steps involved for Star Labs to get access to the OEM installer?

Simply contact Sales or our OEM department to get in contact with us.

Thanks Phil. I have sent a quick message to oem@manjaro.org to start to get an idea of what steps are involved.

@philm have stationX ceased trading? their website has vanished :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I'll check with them.

Okay thanks, it's been like that since last month.

Just tested on my end to send to oem, and I got the mail. Have to check once again.

Well they had to take it offline until stock resumes. We have to see when that is. For now I removed the links to our Spitfire, which can also been bought from our Belgium shop.

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The fast reply is encouraging but they should really put out of stock or something rather than taking the page down. Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

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