Odroids does not boot on 5.10

This is mostly informational.

For our Odroid boards, that does not have “proper” mainline uboot support, we use the prebuilt Uboot binaries from Hardkernel. And this has worked great up to mainline kernel 5.9, as long as you change the TEXT_OFFSET in the kernel.

But kernel 5.10 has removed support for this option entirely. And as such, kernel 5.10 will not boot on Odroid boards that use the Hardkernel BSP uboot.
I have confirmed this issue on Odroid N2 and Odroid C4.

I don’t believe the Odroid C2 is going to have this issue, since it’s using mainline uboot.

@spikerguy has also confirmed that the Khadas Vim 3 using mainline uboot does not have any issue either. So it’s probably just the boards that use the BSP amlogic Uboot stuff.

I create an issue on Hardkernel’s u-boot repo to make them aware of this issue.