Odroid C2 + Manjaro ARM 19.04 :-)


I created a new topic specific for the c2 + manjaro arm 19.04 and reported an issue.

Manjaro arm 19.04 kde edition installed on odroid c2 (emmc module), compared to the 19.02 the graphic performance are really better, in term of fluidity and speed, less ram is used, nice job, congratulation!

the issue :
I can't start or reboot the c2 without display connected on it, I use the c2 with a vnc server installed as service, the c2 start and reboot without problem with a display and vnc server. (problem similar with the 19.02)

I redid the tests :
After a boot or reboot when only vnc is connected I connect a display 10 or 20 seconds later, the display connected on the c2 show a blinking underscore on the top left, and nothing happens, the os don't start, strange...
When a display and vnc are connected, the the display connected on the c2 show a blinking underscore on the top left a few seconds and the os start :slight_smile:

When you try without display can you SSH into the box?

If you can SSH in, then the OS is booted/started, so it's "just" a display error at that point.

thank you for your answer.

I enabled and launched the ssh service and used it for the first time, it's working well :slight_smile:

So, I can ssh into the c2 after a reboot without display, the ssh service is enable on the c2,
but then when I connect a display on the c2 it show a blinking underscore on the top left, and nothing happens, strange display error...

Yeah, it indeed sounds like it does not bother initializing the display stuff from HDMI, when there is no display connected to it at boot.

But at least the system has booted and is functioning. Just with no display. :slight_smile:

It will try a few test at home with my own C2 (but without VNC) to see if it also happens there.

OK, thanks , I stayed tuned to solve this issue.


A second test to do with your c2.

Start the c2 with a screen, disconnect the mouse and keyboard, then reconnect those two peripherals, the c2 mount the 2 devices, if you just connect one of them the c2 don't mount it...
If you disconnect the mouse and keyboard and then want to mount a usb key, the usb key is not mount... since the 19.02 and 19.04

No trouble like that with the n2, the c2 is set with same setting as my laptop and the n2

Thanks to add this test.

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