Odroid C2 + Manjaro ARM 19.02 :-)


Congratulation to the manjaro arm team and manjaro team, the operating system is working well with an odroid c2 (emmc module), desktop environment kde (lxqt not tested)

manjaro arm will be developed for the Odroid n2?

Have a good day.

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I haven’t heard much of the N2. Can you provide a link to some specs or announcement?

From HK directly: https://www.hardkernel.com/blog-2/odroid-n2/

Specs, as well: https://dn.odroid.com/S922X/ODROID-N2/Pictures/table-4.png

Boards should be shipping to end-users any day now. :crossed_fingers:

Looks like a nice device. But since I have no idea what bootloader it needs and how it’s mainline support is, I have no immediate plan to support it.

A good indicator of how easy/hard it is to get working is to see if Arch Linux ARM has support for it. And so far, it does not seem like they support anything newer than the Odroid-C2.

Thank you for your answer.

arch linux arm don’t support the odroid n2 for the moment, but i hope soon :slight_smile:

How to report bug to the manjaro dev?
I reported this bug to kde, a maintainer answered me to report this bug to manjaro.

There's a forum category for Manjaro ARM bugs. Post about it there.

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