ODrive - The best free opensource google drive client for linux

I delete the post as members didn't appreciate it and consider my post as spam.
The client is Odrive. (install it using snap or flatpak).

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This is more of a Showcase post (with added bonus: Tutorial!).

Perhaps you should mention the name of the program in your post. Otherwise it makes it seem like clickbait to get more views on your channel.

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Well kio-gdrive is sufficient for me.
No need for any client when you can access files in dolphin

whats the name of the client?


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The post is edited.
At least my effort should be appreciated as appreciate others efforts is of good character.

But you miss synchronization features!

Never needed

I've used OpenDrive for a while now. Great app.
I used to use kio-drive but I dropped it because I needed to have the sync feature.

Not just available in snap and flatpak.

aur/odrive-bin 0.2.2-1