Octopi 0.9.0-9 breakes menu localisation (unstable branch)

After today's update of Octopi to 0.9.0-9 first tier menu is no longer properly localized (it was before). The second tier of menus is a menu is a mixed bag, some are localized, some are not, dependent of the place (so if it's localized, all of them are in one menu branch, if not, all of them are not in one menu branch). The menu on the screen below should be in Polish:

That is logical as it is originally 0.10.0-dev. Feel free to translate as needed.

On that site, it shows Polish translation as 100% when it's not, at least on this Octopi version (while it was before). As if the strings went broken with that update, so it looks the structure of localization file must be updated rather then the content of the file.

octopi-notifier-frameworks also seems to be off.
There was an update (just one package) and red Octopi icon showed correctly on the panel. I did the update and... the icon is still there. I opened Octopi, didn' t change anything. Red icon stays there and cannot be disabled by any means.

Earlier it was correctly disappearing when update was done.

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