Ocrmypdf requires python-pikepdf >=5.0.0

I have a problem with ocrmypdf, as reported in

it needs ocrmypdf 13.4.0 and pikepdf 5.0.1.

The last manjaro pikepdf is 4.4.1 but AUR has version 5.

Some days ago I wrote to arojas@archlinux.org an email (I think this is the address of the mainatiner of pikepdf). I asked for an upgrade to version 5.

I got no answer and the package is not updated… it seems abandoned.

Please can you help me to use yay or pamac to upgrade the package directly to version 5 presents on AUR?

Otherwise, can you help me to contact the package maintainer?


It should be updated soon, python-pikepdf is already 5.0.1 in manjaro testing and unstable repositories.

I noticed you said python-pikepdf is in AUR but it is not.

If you really can’t wait, you can temporarily (or permanently) switch branches from stable to testing. You can find more info in the manjaro wiki. Not sure if you’re a new user or not, but just be cautious, you should be rather comfortable troubleshooting/fixing/researching your problems before switching branches because you may experience more bugs.

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Please do not do that without checking to see if the package has already been updated–which it was last Thursday to 5.0.0. Saturday it was updated to 5.0.1.

See Manjaro - Branch Compare and Manjaro - Fresh & Stable.

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Sorry, I do not understand.
I wrote before the update.

pacman -Ss |grep pikepdf
community/python-pikepdf 4.4.1-1 [installation]

As wrote ydar, it is not in stable version.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will not switch to testing… I choose Manjaro to have a stable version otherwise I could use EnedevourOS…

Thank you for your work. I wait this update in stable version.