Occasional absence of second input language and i3status tray selector on boot

I am running i3wm and sometimes on boot I don’t get the second language I have set on my i3 config, and I don’t get the language selector loaded in the system tray on the i3status bar either.

The only thing I have tried to counter this behavior is to switch to a different TTY and startx from there. This seems to work ad hoc, but it does not actually solve the problem at hand really.

Also, usually when I realize that this has happened again, it is after I have started working on something, and have reached the need to switch input language. Which means the approach of switching to a different TTY would result in having to save everything, to be able to launch it from the other TTY without risking losing my work.

I need help to troubleshoot this.

Update: I rebooted my system a few dozen times to try to replicate just this behavior. I have narrowed it down to being dependent to whether the lightDM has loaded or if I have been logged in directly to i3 on boot. When lightDM has loaded and I have had to type in my login password, the language input does not work. When it does not load, and on boot I get logged in automatically, the language input is there.