OBS theming issues - some windows are transparent


I installed OBS from the Manjaro repositories on an updated Manjaro Gnome system.

I’m using the Matcha-Aliz theme. I set the teme to kvantum via qt5ct and set the theme to Matchama-Aliz in Kvantum Manager.

QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME is set to qt5ct.

OBS is configured to use the System theme.

Everything seems to work but if I open the properties window of a source then I get a window that has no background.

I can see the buttons, etc. but the background is missing and whatever is below the window is visible instead.

If I open qt5ct and reapply the kvantum theme then the problem magically disappears, until I restart OBS.

In addition, the window decorator is not following the theme. I think it looks like the adwaita window decorator but I don’t know for sure.

VLC is not showing the same issues.

Is there anyone else with the same issue?