OBS studio mic audio quality is bad even after lowering volume

Okay, I am using manjaro linux as a beginner, I have to record some videos for a very important purpose. Now I am having some big issues, OBS studio is crashing again and again with other applications too. After recording a video, The quality of my mic output is really bad. I am using pulseaudio as my sound server. I BEG YOU PLEASE HELP ME OUT. THIS IS A REALLY IMPORTANT MATTER.

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Please post more information about audio devices detected in ALSA

sudo alsa-info.sh --upload

Use the preformatted text button </> (or Ctrl + E) when posting terminal response
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I also suggest you run obs from terminal and see if there are any error messages
(terminal response is likely to be long and should be posted to a pastebin service)

Please explain more about what type of microphone you are using and how it is connected to system (internal mic or external with 3.5mm jack or USB) ?
and why the audio quality is bad (distorted; delayed; too loud or quiet)?