OBS broken on wayland

Hello community, I saw on this post that obs now supports wayland and decided to try it running but now obs looks all broken like this

, this only happens when running obs on wayland natively with this QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland obs which is needed to enable wayland screencasting. does anyone know a fix for it? I’m using the default manjaro install on linux 5.10, also I tried disabling kvantum to see if it fixes anything and didn’t see any changes. Any help is appreciated.

Looking at the screenshot it looks like it’s working. It’s incpetion if all you have it capture is it’s own window. Which you have, since your only Source is “Window Capture”.

Sorry I should’ve been more specific, I was talking about the white lines in the background and the buttons to minimize and close the app being invisible. obs on xwayland for comparison:

Ah okay. That seems to be a window manager issue.

I take it that means it’s not something I can fix myself?