Obfuscated October (2017) Screenshots



The last one:


I want to give a shot to Gnome after years of XFCE.


Pretty simple XFCE with a dual monitor setup. Where the bridge hits the horizon the second monitor starts.


That looks like a bridge we have in Denmark. Don’t know if it is though.


I didn’t take the picture but I believe it is the bridge between Funen and Zealand.


If that’s true, I guessed correctly!


xmonad … improved and more pleasing after customisation …
still looking for syntax to config keybind for navigating to workspaces with arrow keys (as in i3 :slight_smile:slight_smile:



xmonad.hs is a combo of all the awesome configs i could find … full credits to all the maestros who have posted on public domains …
xmobar is now fairly better configured… still lot to improve…


From my HP Pavilion 15-n200 Laptop running Ubuntu MATE (it doesnt like manjaro much i am afraid)
Original Pic:

For those who are curious about the specs of the laptop:

CPU: AMD A8-4555M quad core processor (part of bulldozer) with a Radeon HD 7600G APU

4GB DDR3 (I am unsure of the ram speed though)

1TB WD drive

The OS is Ubuntu MATE 16.04 64bit

The laptop is my “get sick” computer when I am not feeling good (been suffering from a sinus infection)


Made some subtle changes (smaller buttons size, no borders, title bar only). I like how I gradually tweak KDE whenever I find a setting I didn’t know was there. If only there was a one click solution to save my current setup as a look-and-feel theme.


Same wallpaper new ArchLabs Themes


Decided to move to dock to the bottom, also new GNOME 3.26

Wallpaper is from Re:Creators official special content page


@unix121 Could i see your vimrc please? and maybe get some more info about your vim setup.
@Holmes are those terminal apps available anywhere? aur maybe?


Theme is Prism. I really like golf/bora mk4 wagons (I own a golf mk4 wagon).


Here you go mate! I’m using Vundle to manage my extensions.



hello @deadguy
the scripts are in

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


About time! I like mine rather simple :slight_smile:

gon stay for a while with this look and feel


Nice and clean :yum: Could share the link or code for the analog clock ?



a more polished xmonad, nearly complete [still some more fine tuning pending, but can say, almost there]


Would You share some configs??