NVMe drive not showing up in manjaro live media

Hey there.
I've got a NVMe SSD and installed Windows 10 on it (GPT) , and I want to install manjaro on another SATA SSD , I followed the guide and created a live media and booted on it.
I can't use the NVMe drive to install manjaro's bootloader on it , and it's not showing up in Dolphin and Disk manager ,although there's a /dev/nvme0.That means I can't select which OS to use via an menu , I can only use F12.
I tried to skip this and install manjaro on the SATA SSD , surprisingly , it just showed the NVMe SSD , in both Dolphin and Disk manager.
Can anyone help me solve this problem? Some tweaking and mount the NVMe drive might be helpful.
Thank you.
(Please pardon my incorrect spelling in this topic if exist, because I'm not a native English speaker.)

what is your native tongue? you can post in any of these languages

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:!
KDE's partition manager currently has problems detecting nVMEs properly, I'd suggest you to use gParted instead. gParted always worked fine for me.
If its not installed on your live media a quick

sudo pacman -Sy gparted

will install it for you :wink:.
Calamares (the installer) not detecting the drive is a bad sign, you might have to use the architect installer instead.

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It's a shame Calamares doesn't use gparted instead of kpmcore

Do you already have a working Manjaro installation and you don't get to Grub menu with the the option to boot Windows?
If positive, then from terminal run:
sudo update-grub
Reboot and see if you get to Grub menu.

check if NMve is on AHCI not raid

Well,I would like to post it in English to get more useful help (and my language is not listed sperately so the chance of getting really useful help is small).But thanks anyway.

Make sure Windows 10 isn't locking up the drive with fast boot.

All right,now I've find the solution.Calamares on KDE just don't work with NVMe drive , but Xfce works just fine.Now I'm using Xfce with some personal tweaking.gParted also doesn't work with NVMe on KDE live environment. So I'm going with the Xfce,although its GUI is a bit suck.Thanks for everyone's idea.

I checked and disabled the fast boot before installing this.But thanks anyway.

I did some checking.It's running on AHCI,but thanks anyway.

Well,this doesn't work for me because I installed windows in EFI mode,so I must install manjaro's /boot/efi in Windows' EFI partition , but in that case I have no choice but to install files on the SATA SSD ,so sudo update-grub doesn't work.But still thanks a lot.

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gParted doesn't work on KDE live.I think there might be a little issue in KDE.But still thanks.

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