Nvidia X Server no advanced options

I’ve been waiting so long to play Forza 4, I’ve dedicated myself to using Manjaro as my daily driver. I bought FH4 in steam and downloaded proton but when I start the game, I can’t see anything but a black screen.

The audio proved that the game is working fine. I concluded that it’s my Nvidia settings that hold the blame. I’ve had Nvidia server for a long time now and apparently I can fix the proton issue through the X server’s “advanced options” although I do not have any options for it in the server’s panel.

Is there a way to get a fully functional Nvidia Server on my device? I have a GTX 960m and 530m as a fallback. I will post screen shots.

https ://ibb.co/S6TRQ1F

I don’t know how to upload pictures but just delete the space after https and youll see my issue

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