Nvidia settings not saved after logging out/rebooting

I change my GPU power settings to maximum performance and enable freesync. When I log out or reboot, the settings revert back to auto and disabled.

How can I save these settings so that they persists across sessions?

Not sure about freesync, I thought that was enabled in the kernel by default but I could be way wrong on that. For performance mode I use this little script


nvidia-settings -a “[gpu:0]/GpuPowerMizerMode=1”

I make it executable and add it to my start up programs to run at boot

I suggest you try this to save changes for nVidia GPU
(adjust performance and freesync settings rather than refresh rate in 2nd part)

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save the settings you need in your home - then use nvidia-settings -l at login

“nvidia-settings --load-config-only” is I think the correct string.