Nvidia RTX 3090 Support

I’m afraid you need to find the offending configuration option. Maybe it’s an application that starts automatically, maybe it’s the KDE display configuration, or maybe it’s something else.

The Xorg configuration I posted should ignore the GTX 1080 altogether. If you delete it, and boot without any display related Xorg configuration files, I believe both should be automatically configured, and you should be able to use both.

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I was able to get the 3090 to output to screen on my original profile by deleting the contents in ~/.local/share/kscreen and then use the xorg config pobrn posted above and replacing the PCI bus to use the 3090. Still didn’t get the 1080 to output alongside the 3090 but I plan to use it for a passthrough regardless. Adding it and a screen to the xorg config will most likely get it to output just fine.
Thanks for the help.